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Is there a Mac version?Alas - No!
What do I miss out on by getting the download only instead of the full package including CD?On the downloaded version, you don't have the spoken introduction or audio-typing exercises. Apart from that, it is identical.
Is it a 32-bit application?Accu-Type 5: Yes. Accu-Type 4: No. It's 16-bit, but it is still compatible with all versions of Windows.
How do I register to get access to the complete course?We've made it cunningly simple. Just run Accu-Type and you'll find a "Register Now" button on the first dialog that collects the relevant information and takes you to a secure payment page online.
I've spotted a bug: after a few exercises, the cursor becomes elongated.It's supposed to do that. The idea is to train you to look at groups of letters, not just one at a time.